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Listen to Black Voices

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

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As Feminist Freeway is beginning its first year, COVID-19 has made inequalities in our society clearer than ever (although these issues have been clear to those suffering the consequences and to activists in the Black community for longer than the United States has existed.) The killings of Black folks by police this year has sparked a well overdue outrage and a revolution has begun, all thanks to amazing Black organizers and activists. As we are working towards change, signing petitions, donating, voting and speaking up about racism it is important for us to listen to Black voices. Instead of writing a blog post about the history of racism worldwide and in the United States, explaining white privilege or exposing those perpetuating violence, Feminist Freeway has decided to create a list of resources from all the amazing Black Organizers and influencers that can speak the truth about systemic racism and oppression.

This list is just a starting point! Please engage and explore on your own to find more sources.

Educators and influencers to follow

Don’t forget, if Black people are teaching you something or providing you with any type of service, PAY THEM. Buy their products, support them, their labor is not free.

Rachel Cargle: An educator and organizer for anti-racism and intersectional feminism. She also has a web-based self-paced learning platform called The Great Unlearn. You can get started as low as 5 dollars.



Movement for Black Lives: A coilition for organizations to make political change to support Black lives. This organization is amazing and has many educational resources on their website. You can also make donations right on their website!


Ibram X. Kendi: An author, historian and scholar of race and systemic racism. He has published so many books and is an expert on discrimination and racism in the United States. Check out his website, buy one of his books.


Brittany Packnett: An esteemed activist and founder of Campaign Zero: A non-profit that researches, analyzes and seeks to end police brutality and support Black communities. The website has tons of resources on how they are working towards policy change (donations can be made on this site also). Brittany Packnett also hosts the podcast Pod Save the People with co-hosts Samuel Sinyangwe, Clint Smith and founder DeRay Mckesson.




Layla Saad: Author of Me and White Supremacy (see books to buy and read below) and host of the @goodancestorpodcast. Podcasts are great places to start because other amazing authors and anti-racism activists speak on the show so you can learn about their work too. Layla also has a string of online classes available. The classes are between 60 and 90 minutes usually and such a good place to start. One I plan on taking soon is Dismantling White Feminism. You can follow her on Instagram or check out her website.


Kimberly Latrice Jones




Black Girl Magik

Dive in Well

Loveland Foundation

Quick tip: Follow hashtags to find new sites, businesses and educators to follow #blmart #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteryourareahere #breonnataylor #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatterart

Books to buy and read

Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad: This book can be found on Layla Saad’s website There is a list of all the places you can order it from globally. This book is amazing because it comes with worksheets to challenge your own biases and racism.

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer L Eberhardt PhD.

Petitions to Sign/donation links

There are so many ongoing petitions and sadly, new ones keep emerging as injustice continues or has been ignored in the past. One of the best ways to find petitions is to search for them in google. “Petitions to sign for BLM”, “racial justice petitions” etc. The Black Lives Matter webpage at usually has a good set of resources and petitions linked.

This website is also amazing Here you can find a huge list of resources, a map to find protests, places to donate and more. It is updated pretty frequently too so it’s a great website to add to your toolbar and keep checking everyday or so to make sure all the petitions have been signed.

If you want to be added to this list or know someone who should be included, feel free to comment below or contact us at the bottom of the page with your social media handles!

Submissions by other readers

This list of Black Owned businesses on website planet is handy and even divided into categories for your convenience. Check it out here!

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