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"Dr. Someone Else's Last Name" Featured in Ripple

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Hello dear feminists!

Today I have some exciting news! At the beginning of the semester feminist magazine Ripple was doing a call for submissions to their E-zine. (They look for undergraduate submissions every semester so check it out if you want to get some works published.)

My piece was not only accepted but has just been printed in a special edition print copy made for authors and contributors AND is available for viewing and reading on the Ripple E-zine website , here.

Or you can cut straight to the chase and view the newest addition here !

(Magazine cover for Ripple 2020, image of protest signs)

Along with my most hipster photo and author bio is one of my proudest pieces titled “Dr. Someone else’s last name”.

In the piece I discuss how our last names are part of our identity and consider the value or detriment of changing our last names. But you can read more about it by flipping through the E-zine!

I also had dear friends who were able to be part of it who submitted amazing pieces. Including Alexandria Romei, a published poet in the ripple e-zine. If you like her poetry, you will love to hear that she has a book of poetry published and available for sale on amazon! "Raw Thoughts Swirling in a Pot of Sugar"

There were so many other amazing submissions by accomplished writers and poets and are deserving of getting some new views and readers. Among them, my sister; Megan Sheckells. Also an impressive author of fiction novels and graduating English Major.

To honor this special publication, Feminist Freeway will be hosting a open mic for feminist writers and creators in 2021! If you want to be included or want to just come and hear these amazing pieces check out the event ("Girl" by Megan Sheckells)

on our events page! There is no commitment if you submit

an RSVP so please do so and we will be in touch

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