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Nice to meet you!

    Feminist Freeway is a site for activism, education and social change. We clearly support feminist values as noted by the name. But it is important to note that our feminism is intersectional and inclusive. That means we strive for gender equality, LGBTQIA+ rights, racial justice and a free and equal society. It is our hope that feminist freeway will be an information hub for new or aspiring feminists as well as those who have been activists for quite some time. At Feminist Freeway we are all learning and growing to become better allies and activists as well as connecting with each other! I can't wait to share this journey with you! Welcome! 

Feminist Freeway Values

The following values are not extensive and will continue to grow and multiply as we learn together here at Feminist Freeway. If you want to help us grow feel free to contact us with content ideas and blog proposals. Let's work together for an equitable and loving society for everyone.

LGBTQQIA+ Rights.jpg
Gender Equality Value.jpg
Racial Justice Value.jpg
Enviromental Justice.jpg
Human Rights Value.jpg
Immigrants Rights.jpg
Accessibility Value.jpg
Reproductive Justice.jpg
Growth and Learning Value.jpg
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